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Silicone NoGoo Apple Bubbler Water Pipe - Green

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Silicone NoGoo Apple Bubbler Bong Water Pipe - Green

      • 3.5" silicone spliff bubbler

      • Platinum-cured silicone body

      • Removable top for easy cleaning

      • Ergonomic mouthpiece in apple stem

      • Spill-resistant downstem

      • Removable glass "bowl" insert

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The NoGoo Apple Bubbler stands 3.5" and features premium silicone in red or green, an apple shaped design with removable top for easy cleaning, an ergonomic mouthpiece in the apple stem, a spill-resistant downstem, a removable glass "bowl" insert, and a silicone plug shaped like the iconic NoGoo splat logo. Works great with spliffs, blunts, and cones!

★★★★★ 5/5 (2451) customers reviews.

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