Eagle Single Torch Butane Lighter

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Eagle Single Torch Butane Lighter


Here’s one of a kind of cigarette lighter that you’ve been looking for. Its very stylish and cool in appearance and of course will make you look classy. The design has been kept compact and unique for ease of usage and convenience for smoking enthusiasts. If you have a sophisticated personal style statement then this Eagle Single Torch Lighter is the one you ought to have for yourself. The lighter is lightweight, very compact, easy to use and easy to carry. The best thing about this lighter is the fact that it’s refillable and the flame is windproof, so you will never have to worry about the flame dying out even if you use it outdoors. This lighter, without a doubt, is one of the best handheld cigarette lighters available out there in the market.


The Eagle Single Torch Lighter has been designed for easy and safe usage. The appearance is stylish and classy and the usage is very practical. A great mixture of looks and performance. The best thing about the Eagle Single Torch Lighter is the fact that it can be kept as a personal collection item or also be gifted to someone you know would really appreciate a classy lighter. Also the price is so attractive that you can easily afford to keep one for yourself and present this lighter as a gift to your friend too.


Eagle Single Torch Lighter is available for just $5.99. The item is limited in stock so place your orders right away if you want to purchase this high end, classy, windproof lighter for yourself or your friends.




- Butane fuel


- Metal body


- Windproof flame


- Refillable


- Available in red color


- Available in brand new condition


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