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Eagle Angle Single Torch Butane Lighter

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Eagle Angle Single Torch Butane Lighter

Be prepared to find yourself a lighter that gives you the best value for its money, the Eagle angle torch lighter; an amazing lighter to light your cigars or cigarettes and add to your personal collection. This particular lighter is one of the best and the cheapest ways to light your cigarettes and make a pronounced personal statement about yourself as well.

The Eagle angle torch lighter is one of the most powerful butane torches that you can keep in your pocket. Not only would this lighter light cigarettes or pipes for smoking but it is also a great item for boy or girl scout teams at heart. This lighter is a perfect item to be kept in a survival kit. Without any doubt, the Eagle Angle Torch Lighter is a very cool and powerful toy to keep in your pocket even if you don’t like smoking cigarettes, it might just come in handy.

Eagle Single Torch Lighter is available for just $6.99. The item is limited in stock so place your orders right away if you want to purchase this cool, stylish angle torch lighter for yourself or for your friend.

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- Single flame 45 degrees angle torch lighter

- Adjustable flame

- Refillable

- Windproof flame

- Available in red, black, green, blue and orange colors