Colibri Firebird The Sidewinder single torch lighter

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Colibri Firebird The Sidewinder single torch lighter

Firebird Sidewinder Butane Cigar Lighter - Single Torch - New

Colibri Firebird Sidewinder Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter is a rather innovative piece of equipment and is absolutely one of its kind. It has been designed to perform at the highest level for its users and that too with economy.

The lighter has also been designed with a classy finish so that you can carry it around and might as well flaunt this amazing piece of equipment. The lighter has been manufactured taking into consideration all the high standards set by the colibri in the past. The outer body comes with the classic matt finish that gives it an exquisite look.

This single flame lighter is not only about looks, it has a lethal flame that always gives you the best that you ask for. The utility packed into this thing is beyond imaginative, the lighter’s features include a small window to allow the user to see if it needs refilling or not.

The product designers took the most common problem into consideration that a user faces with all the other lighters while working on firebird’s flame thrower. This is why unlike other lighters in the market, the firebird sidewinder throws a slightly tilted flame so that the user doesn’t get the burn while operating it, which is a common occurrence while operating others.

The lighter is available in various dashing colors which you can always collect to go with your apparel even. The lighter has been designed to perform in any condition, windy or not the flame won’t budge and thus you can always rely on it.

To make it as user friendly as possible, the manufacturers have included an easily accessible butane refuel valve and adjustment knob on the bottom. This lighter has all the standard features of any other lighter but they are simply better and efficient in many aspects.

You just have to get hold of this amazing piece of engineering now to save money before it goes out of stock.


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