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Silicone Water Pipe - 14"/14mm Bong

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      •Â 14"/14mm female silicone water pipe

      •Â 5 bright colorfast colors

      •Â Removable glass downstem

      •Â Removable ice catcher

    •Â Male herb slide included

Wholesale Silicone Water Pipes

This Silicone Waterpipe stands 14" tall and features a 14mm female joint, a suction cup base, a removable ice catcher, a glass downstem, and food-grade silicone in 5 bright colors including blue, green, glow, Rasta, and orange. Male herb slide included.



ipe stands 10.5" tall and features Rasta Swirl and glow-in-the-dark colors (green, as well as pink and blue striped Kotton Kandy). Features an integrated lighter holder, and no glass pieces.

★★★★★ 5/5 (2451) customers reviews.

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