Kashmir Smell Proof Pouch Bundle #2 With Kashmir Rolling Papers, Mini Grinder, & Pre Rolled Tubes

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The Kashmir smell proof bundle is perfect for anyone looking to have a good time. This bundle includes the Kashmir smell-proof pouch contains air-tight materials and a waterproof zipper seal. The bag is made from activated carbon fabric and its lining makes it super easy to absorb any odor. The bundle also contains Kashmir rolling papers that are as well as the kashmir all in one mini grinder that goes together with the Kashmir rolling paper and we also include a free ashtray for your experience of a good time. 

What’s included:

•Kashmir smell-proof pouch

•Kashmir Mini Combo Grinder: All-in-one mini-grinder, papers and tips

•Classic & Tall Organic Hemp Pre-Rolled Tubes

•1 pack of Organic Hemp 1 1/4 and King Slim Papers

•FREE Ashtray